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Farewell to the 11am Chapel Service

The chapel was nearly full on Sunday as we gathered with mixed feelings to celebrate our 11 am service after nearly twenty years. While it is certainly sad to see the closure of a service that has seen nearly two decades, it was a privilege to be able to celebrate together not only what this service has meant to many people over the years, but also to celebrate the people themselves. 

A highlight of the service was a moment when Rev Janet invited people to re-member, bringing to mind those who had been part of the chapel service over the years. One by one, names were mentioned, and for a time it was is if people who were unable to be there – even those who have passed on – were somehow with us for that moment of re-membering. As we shared the broken bread dipped in the cup, we remembered the One in who we are all made one. We were reminded that in Christ that which seems like an ending is always a new beginning. This is our prayer. 

As we gather next week, the 21st of July will mark one such new beginning. Two congregations will become one new congregation within the greater Body of Christ to which we all belong. And we will re-member. 

Rev. Brenton Prigge

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