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God is Love.

Sunday 16th June 2019 is Trinity Sunday.

The idea that God is one but also somehow three is a challenge for us to get our minds around at the best of times. So let’s take the conversation out of our minds and approach it with our hearts instead.

Let’s start with this simple statement of belief: God is love.

We can and do experience the God of love in ways that do not require us to understand God. After all, even the tiniest babies can be aware of and find security in the love of their parents. They “know” love long before they ever understand love. (Do we ever truly understand love?)

Now (back into our minds for a moment) think about this: If God is unchanging, and God is love, then God has always been love. But this only makes sense if God has always had something to love. In this sense the trinity makes sense. God is and always has been relational - in the very essence of God’s being - and we are made in the image of that relational God. That is what makes us relational brings. That is what gives us the need and desire to belong. That is why being true to the God in whose image we are created requires us first and foremost to love - to love God and to love our neighbour.

We don’t need to understand God to “get” that. We just need to know the love of God, and share it.

Rev. Brenton Prigge

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