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QLD Community Alliance - Stafford Solidarity Group

In response to COVID-19 the Qld Community Alliance has established the Stafford Solidarity Group.

This community group is made up of individuals and members of local organisations who live or work in the  Stafford, Stafford Hts , Everton Park, McDowall, Chermside and Chermside West area, and are passionate about the social safety and health of our neighbours. The group has been initiated and mentored by the Queensland Community Alliance.

‘Solidarity’ is a recognition that we are 'all in this together,' and is a commitment to strengthen community and promote a just society. Versions of community or social solidarity during a pandemic is discussed in detail in The Conversation as well as featured in this research

Contact Warren King for more information. The group is currently looking for people to letter box drop in the Chermside area.

This is an effective way of loving our neighbours and creating connected and safer communities.

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